Denture Care 101: Tips To Care for Dentures

Removable dentures provide a solution for those who are missing teeth from their mouth. Proper care is essential for denture wearers, however.  Denture care prevents staining and other issues that can add to the challenges of wearing dentures. Heed the following tips to keep your dentures in great condition.

·    Handle dentures with care at all times. Not only can dentures be damaged if they are dropped, bending them out of shape is possible and they can be damaged by simply cleaning them if you are not careful.

·    Remove dentures from your mouth each night. Never sleep in your dentures.

·    Rinse dentures after you’re finished eating. This removes food debris and other particles from the dentures.

·    Clean your mouth when removing dentures. A soft-bristled toothbrush can clean the tongue, cheeks and roof of your mouth. If denture adhesive is used, the toothbrush also removes any remaining paste from the gums.

·    Dentures need soaking each day. Soak in a nonabrasive denture solution/cleanser and clean with a toothbrush. This keeps your dentures looking their best for much longer timeframes.

·    Do not use whitening toothpastes on dentures. They contain peroxide which can change the color of the dentures. Also avoid using any type of abrasive cleaners or products on the dentures because they can cause damage.

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·    Do not boil dentures or run them under extremely hot water.

Proper denture care keeps your dentures in great condition and helps avoid many of the headaches you could otherwise experience with them. Keep in mind that denture repair zanesville is available if dentures are damaged in any way. Do not hesitate to schedule this appointment if your dentures no longer fit, if they crack or if another problem occurs that you cannot resolve yourself.